China’s Top 10 Richest Billionaires

Chinas Top 10 Richest BillionairesBelow is a list of China’s Top 10 Richest Billionaires (2016). Source: Forbes

China is one of the fastest economies in the world. The old school communist ideologies have been replaced with modern business ideologies. This has given rise to a growing number of entrepreneurs who now have the ability to keep their wealth and not have to give it away to the state.

A growing trend in Technology and Internet based entrepreneurship is sweeping China. This has created many Billionaires and will create many more to come.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Source
1 Wang Jianlin $30 billion 61 Real Estate
2 Jack Ma $21.8 billion 51 Alibaba

Ma Huateng

$17.6 billion 44 Internet

Lei Jun

$13.2 billion 46 Smartphones

Wang Wenyin

$12.1 billion 48 Mining, Copper Products

Robin Li

$10.4 billion 47 Internet Search

He Xiangjian

$9.3 billion 73 Home Appliances
8 Hui Ka Yan $8.7 billion 57 Real Estate
9 Liu Qiangdong $7.8 billion 41 e-commerce

William Ding

$7.5 billion 44 Online Games

Chinese entrepreneurs are investing heavily in Real Estate in China and Worldwide. They have also understood the marketing and income generating power of the internet.

Jack Ma has created a global phenomenon with his site Alibaba. This has opened up opportunities for entrepreneurs worldwide to buy and sell products at bulk wholesale prices.

There are also a number of Chinese entrepreneurs who have jumped┬áinto the Smartphone market. It’s not long before China leads the global smartphone market.

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